Pavers & Retaining Walls (natural and manufactured)

Here at Tennessee Stone, we offer a selection of natural stone pavers (cobblestone) as well as natural stone for retaining walls.

  • Natural Pavers

    Brown or Grey Cobble – from 3” to 5” thick, available in 4”x 10” or 8”x 10”

    Brown or Grey Cobble Cubes – approximately 4”x 4”x 4”

  • Natural Retaining Wall Stone

    Stacking Boulders – boulders can create a unique and bold look for retaining walls

    Fieldstone – large fieldstone that is semi-flat on top and bottom can be dry stacked for smaller retaining walls or mortared for larger applications

    Flagstone – flagstone in small or large pieces is easily stacked due to its flat shape and consistent thickness, it can be dry stacked for small walls or mortared for larger applications

    Cut Stone – this stone is commonly used for stair treads but is easily stacked to create a very uniform retaining or freestanding wall


    We also stock concrete pavers and retaining wall units.